Trying to lose weight and slim down? Carbs in your diet might be what’s holding you back.

Carbohydrates are the body’s long term energy source, but they often get stored as fat, especially when you eat too many simple carbs.

That’s why there is a rise in carb blocking supplements which prevent your body from using carbs, thus it has to reach into fat storage.

If your body doesn’t have carbs for energy, it also promotes being in a state of ketosis. This is where your body produces ketones from the liver as an energy source instead, burning up fat and helping you get lean.

That’s why today we’re going to be covering what carb blockers are, good sources of them, benefits, and more.

What is a carb blocker?

A carb blocker is a food or supplement that disrupts the body’s ability to break down carbohydrates. There are enzymes produced during digestion called alpha-glucosidase and amylase which are responsible for breaking down carbs. These supplements and ingredients inhibit these enzymes, thus your body has to find another way to get energy. There are many different plants, extracts, and drugs which are able to achieve these effects and we will be touching on them later.

It’s also crucial to note that carb blockers typically do not have the ability to block simple sugars such as juice, table sugar, or corn syrup. This means that you will still need to tighten up your diet to ensure that no carbs slip by and contribute to weight gain despite using a carb blocker. They are mostly for preventing the digestion of complex carbs from sources like oatmeal, bananas, brown rice, etc.

Carb blocker benefits

These are some of the many benefits you will experience thanks to carb blockers. First, let’s talk a bit about how the carb digestion process works.

After you consume carbohydrates like fruits, vegetables, or whole grains, the body has to break these items down via stomach acid. Specific enzymes are then produced throughout the digestion process to break them down further and ensure proper movement throughout the body.

Starches found in carbohydrates are converted into sugars, glucose, and absorbed into the bloodstream via the small intestine. Excess carbs are stored as fat or glycogen. It’s also important to note that simple carbs like white rice, bread, or pasta cause a spike in blood glucose levels and insulin because the body is able to digest them so quickly. This usually results in a crash afterward, which is why it’s much better to eat complex carbs.

Complex carbohydrates like fruit and veggies take a lot longer to digest, meaning you get long term energy without any of the downsides.

1. It helps you lose weight

Since your body won’t have access to the normal amount of carbs it does, it will have to burn up fat cells, ketones, and other resources to stay afloat. As a result, carb blockers can help you lose weight. Carb blockers go perfectly with a great exercise routine because you’re increasing how many calories are burned off and giving your body less carbs to work with. Some people purposely exercise fasted while taking a carb blocking supplement to improve the effects, as well.

2. You will have more energy

Despite not having carbs, which are just energy, you’ll be surprised to notice that you may have more energy than before. This is because when your body doesn’t have carbs for long periods, it’s forced to use fat cells, produce ketones, and balance out your body. It’s a common report that when fasting, restricting carbs, or performing a keto diet that you feel more energetic and focused. This can then transfer into your work, education, and other areas of your life to get a productivity boost!

3. Reduced blood sugar and insulin

When you consume carbohydrates, the starches are broken down into sugar and released into the bloodstream and the hormone insulin is stimulated. If your blood sugar rises too quickly, it can cause a jolt of energy followed by an immediate crash. Have you ever felt tired, strange, or irritated after eating carbs? That’s why. Similarly, insulin is produced which in certain quantities signals to the body that you should store energy as fat instead of using it. Carb blockers will help prevent both of these situations meaning you will have longer energy and store less fat.

4. Improved gut health

A great benefit that wasn’t necessarily intended by carb blockers is the fact that it improves gut health. This occurs because resistant starches are left to go through the large intestine when they are blocked. Some studies have found that resistant starches have a connection to weight loss, a better gut environment, and improved blood sugar levels.

Carb blocker side effects

Are carb blockers safe? Here are some reported side effects to be aware of before taking one:

  1. Stomach aches
  2. Cramps
  3. Gas
  4. Lowering of blood sugar levels
  5. Bloating
  6. Dihharea

We will be sharing some carb blocking ingredients and foods next, but it’s always wise to start with a smaller amount to see how your body reacts. If you experience any adverse effects, it’s best if you dial it back. However, if you see good results you can continue using carb blockers to improve your health and hit weight goals.

Carb blocker foods and ingredients

1. White kidney bean extract

One of the most popular and effective carb blockers is white kidney bean extract. As you could guess from the name, this extract comes from white kidney beans. Kidney beans, in general, are full of fiber, complex carbs, protein, healthy fats, iron, and more nutrition. We’ve mentioned them previously in articles related to weight loss because they are so great.

One study researched how 445mg of white kidney bean extract can affect body composition, for example. The study was done because of the rising trend of obesity, and related issues like heart disease, diabetes, and more. The researchers set out to find whether or not this could be a natural and effective treatment to help people lose weight and improve their overall wellbeing.

They performed a randomized, double blind, placebo controlled trial in which 60 individuals who were overweight were given 445mg of the extract for 30 days. They took one tablet per day before a meal rich in carbohydrates. Astoundingly enough, they concluded that these individuals experienced a significant decrease in body weight, body mass index, fat mass, tissue thickness, and waist to hip ratios.

You can purchase kidney bean extract from sites like Amazon, health stores, or you can check out supplements we’ve reviewed like Dietrine which contain higher amounts of the extract along with other ingredients to improve your weight loss results.

2. Chromium picolinate

This is a supplemental form of the mineral chromium. It offers many benefits for people trying to lose weight such as appetite suppression and blood sugar and insulin regulation. If your insulin is at healthier levels, your body won’t be as likely to store energy as fat which means you will notice better fat burning results. Furthermore, not feeling as hungry throughout the day will prevent binge eating and similar habits. It also capable of reducing your body’s ability to absorb carbs, so consider taking this as a supplement or eating foods that contain high amounts of it. We’ve reviewed the weight loss product Ketosis Advanced that also chromium for these purposes so we recommend you check that out, too.

3. Salacia oblonga

This herb native to India and Indonesia has been used for many years a natural medicine. It has been found to reduce obesity, improve metabolism, boost insulin resistance, and better how your body reacts to glucose.

One scientific study noted that diabetics, who are commonly overweight, commonly use natural supplements along with their treatment. One such treatment is the Salacia oblonga plant. The researchers set out to find whether or not it had any positive effects.

What they found was that 6 weeks to 3 months of taking this herb resulted in a significant reduction of body weight and body mass index.

4. Garcinia

Garcinia is a citrus fruit which has blown up in popularity recently for its ability to help people lose weight and burn fat quickly. It also has the added benefit of slowing down how your body absorbs carbs which allow for less of them to pass through your system and be stored as fat. You can purchase the fruit whole, although it is rare and hard to find, or simply order a supplement like Garcinia Ultra Pure to get it more conveniently.