About us

Weight Loss Now is a weight loss blog dedicated to helping people achieve their goal weight, become more confident, and improve their health. Our blog covers topics related to practical weight loss tips, delicious food ideas, and honest product reviews.

It’s very common when you’re struggling with your weight to not know where to turn. You make some progress and lose it just as fast. It seems like a lot of the resources online contradict one another and don’t lead anywhere. Don’t worry about that. Our content is completely free, backed by scientific studies, and thoroughly researched.

And our content is not written by just anyone. Our founder, Patricia White, struggled with her weight for nearly a decade from the ages of 18 to 28 before finally getting in amazing shape. She bought all of the weight loss DVDs, tried out the latest fads, and nothing worked. It took years of experimenting to find the best diets, foods, and products to burn fat and get lean which Patricia shares on this blog.

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